Massimo Guarini

Murasaki Baby by 'ovosonico' directed by Massimo Guarini

Murasaki Baby made the top 5 most talked about games of gamescom in the Guardian. 

Muraski Baby is an upcoming side-scrolling game developed by Ovosonico exclusively for the PlayStation Vita.[1] The game is directed by Massimo Guarini [2] who previously worked on the games Killer7, No More Heroes (video game), Shadows of the Damned.

The main character is known as Baby. The game world is a world populated by children’s fantasies and fears. Using the Vita touch pad, a player must guide Baby through the childlike world.[3]

Featured during Sony's pre-Gamescom press release, this highly stylised 2D adventure gets the player to guide a toddler through a nightmarish fantasy world, using the touch pad to hold her hand as she explores. The trailer shows the girl wandering about with a balloon in her hand, shrinking away in terror from monsters, and the player's role is to teach her what is safe and what is not – and also to retrieve her balloon when she accidentally releases it. Developed by Italian studio Ovosonico, formed by Massimo Guarini, an ex-director of Grasshopper Manufacture, this one really stood out among Sony's cavalcade of indie announcements; it has has hardened journalists wistfully recalling the Ico hand-holding mechanic. More games should have hand holding.